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Before beginning treatment of Vitaros, it may be useful to review our FAQs to make sure you get the most from your treatment and that you are using the product safely.

1. How do I maximise the effectiveness of Vitaros?

Please ensure you follow the instructions in the patient information leaflet provided with your medication. We also have a short application support video here and some further application guidance here. Speak with your doctor if you have any queries regarding your medication.

2. How long does Vitaros last?

While the onset of erection is from 5 to 30 minutes, your erection will last about 1hour, and in some cases up to 2 hours. It should subside after you ejaculate.[1]

3. How do I apply Vitaros?

Please see our "Application Guidance Page" for a step-by-step process and an application video here.

4. What side effects may I get from using Vitaros?

Like with all medications, there are some side effects which may occur through use of Vitaros. These are mild in nature and often resolve quickly and include localised burning and itching sensations or a rash.[1]
Additionally, some side effects have been reported by sexual partners which include mild vaginal burning or itching. It is advised that you use a condom to avoid this.[1]

5. What factors may reduce my erection after application?

Urinating following application can result in loss of the medication and reduced efficacy of the medication.[1]
Additionally, worry, fatigue or tiredness, tension or too much alcohol can also affect the strength of your resulting erection.[2]

6. Does Vitaros protect me from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)?

No, the medication offers no protection from STDs so using a condom may be required to protect you and your partner.[1]

7. Should I tell my partner I am using Vitaros?

It is recommended that you inform your partner when using Vitaros because, in some cases, partners have experienced side effects in the genital area.[1]

8. Should I use a condom?

Yes, you could wear a condom as Vitaros does not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases and it may also cause some side effects in your partners genital region. While these side effects have been shown to be mild and not occur in every case, it is better to wear a condom to reduce the likelihood of this happening.[1]

9. What should I do if my erection lasts longer than expected?

If your erection lasts longer than 4 hours, you should contact your doctor. Applying an ice pack to the inner thigh will reduce blood flow to the area which may help.[1]

10. Can I reuse the Vitaros applicator?

No, the applicator should only be used once and be discarded after use.[1]

11. What if I use more Vitaros than I should?

No overdoses with Vitaros have been reported however, if you experience fainting or dizziness as a result of overapplication, contact your doctor immediately.[1]

12. How many times per week can I use Vitaros?

You can use Vitaros up to 3 times per week and only once in 24 hours.[1]

13. Can I bring Vitaros on holiday / on a plane?

Yes you can. You can only keep your medication out of the fridge for up to 3 days before use and under 25⁰C however, so bear this in mind when planning your trip.[1]

14. How do I store Vitaros?

Vitaros has a shelf-life of 14 months and should be stored in a fridge in its original packaging.[1]

The Vitaros patient information leaflet

This document is a useful resource for you to learn more about your medication, Vitaros. It contains information on how to use Vitaros, possible side effects and further information.

Application guidance

Review our application guidance and step-by-step process for the application of Vitaros now.


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